Hard to believe it’s the first of December. You hear this sentence from everyone like a broken record, but I swear, the older you get, the faster the time flies, and it’s exciting and scary at the once. Honestly, I remember as if yesterday I was filming my “Best of 2014” video, sitting in very un-January-like weather in Marbella, and look – 31 or so more days and it’s time for the next one. Freeeeakyyy.

Got nothing much to spill today,  because I’m up to the usual. Deadlines, essays & seminars with the occasional glamour of a fashion blogger’s life of shooting a look (this one was especially eventful, because it was pretty much me and my friend Anna vs. the British weather – there were branches and boxes flying back and forth – what better time to go outside and take some photos, right?). Good way to feel productive after two days of rolling in bed, which is exactly what happened right after going back inside. Don’t judge, we’ll have all our lives to be mature and responsible and productive. 🙂

Another thing I wish to address is the titled song. Just listen to it, if I use the word ‘eargasmic’ for anything, it’s this remix. Best served with a side of a starry sky and some meaningful silence.IMG_8050.JPG IMG_8056.JPG IMG_8059.JPG IMG_8052.JPG IMG_8057.JPG  IMG_8058.JPG IMG_8055.JPG

For the outfit, when we were taking the photos, Anna mentioned something along the lines of a ‘forest goddess” – I’d say a christmas tree would work just as well. Co-ords have been a big thing over the past couple of years, but this self-made one is especially cool (and really warm). I am also in love with the contrasting textures of a fuzzy eyelash sweater and a knitted pencil skirt with the urban beanie and sneaks. With some festively fuzzy outfit inspo, I hope you have a beautiful start of the holiday season!

Much love, B.


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Desire Be, Desire Go


Balancing all the different aspects of one’s life on a tightrope, 30 feet up in the air, gets erratic sometimes. So much to do, so little time, and this site has somehow become the one to bear the damage of occasionally falling off. Enough with the funambulism metaphors – when life gives you lemons, write a blog post about it.

There’s been a lot on my mind lately. Everyone’s minds. I suppose there is no need to head down the memory lane of this past weeks events, but let’s just say, the only time I’m not in at least a mere panic is when I’m simply ‘not there’. I tend to be obsessively compulsive, and when a thought enters my head or an event enters the breaking news, I google, wiki and vice until I successfully freak the living daylights out of myself. Because the more you know, the more you want to know. Also, the broader you look, the more you value the narrowness and intimacy provided in your own innocently joyful bubble. So here I am, distracting myself with writing deep and meaningful blog posts, solving financial equations and listening to some great tunes. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as you are aware that this is only a small, desolate island in a sea of reality.

“Feel it come, I don’t know how long

It’s gonna stay with me, I’ll let desire be, desire go

Oh, dare I face the real world”

/ that moment you come across lyrics that encompass your thoughts /


Fashion-wise, here is a look that has become my second skin lately – give or take the coat, but I live and breathe cashmere turtlenecks with high-waisted jeans. Effortless, yes, but oh so elegant. I’m almost owning up to my ‘pseudonym’ here. Obviously the elephant in the room here is the faux fur ombre coat – it became my weakness first time I saw it on Chicwish’s site – you could honestly wear it with a bin bag and still look graceful af. If you’re interested to get any of these items, links below!


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